About e-Insight

e-Insight was established in January 2012 with a scope to provide the complete range of solutions and services of Nice.
e-Insight is engaged in providing solutions in the direction of:

•    Voice & Interactions Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Process Optimization, Customer Feedback, Performance Management, Fraud Detection, Security etc, designed for Enterprise Contact Centers, Financial Institutions & Public Sector.
•    Voice & Video Recording, Incident Debriefing & Investigation in all media, Situation Management  in real time, Security, addressed to Airports, Banks, Critical Infrastructure, LEA, Public Safety, Public Transport, Safe City & other.

The field of e-Insight activity covers the safety and optimization of business processes.
The company represents in Greece NICE Systems Ltd, which is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time.
Nice solutions provided, featuring cutting edge technology, coupled with ease of use, enable organizations to improve business performance & increase operational efficiency.
e-Insight’s staff, comprised of professionals with a high level of academic education and proven extensive experience in their field. Staff training is continuous in cooperation with partner companies covering the entire range of solutions we provide.
Solutions being supported by the company in more detail are:
- Recording Interactions
Reliable and resilient Interaction Recording Solutions, which provide the capability to capture, store and maintain customer interactions occurring in the
organization such as telephone conversations, text messaging (SMS), chat, e-mails, social media interactions, as well as agents' screen activity.

- Quality Optimization
maximizes the value contact centers gain from quality management (QM) processes by integrating automatic performance management capabilities into the quality assurance process. It can move your quality programs from routine measure-and-monitor activities to initiatives for optimum positive impact.

- Interaction Analytics
extracts the value hidden within unstructured multimedia interactions, providing decision makers with powerful insights into their marketplace and customer base and providing better decision-making tools.
Built on an advanced open architecture, the NICE Interaction Analytics Suite provides multidimensional analytics for a range of interactions, utilizing a wide variety of information sources including: Word spotting, Emotion detection, call-flow analysis, talk pattern analysis, Post-call customer surveys, screen content analysis etc.

- Workforce Management
is a single, comprehensive solution capable of driving the performance, effectiveness and efficiency of your entire enterprise workforce. Whether your employees handle customer calls, process back office tasks or both, NICE Workforce Management improves resource planning, streamlines time-consuming tasks and gives visibility across sites and lines of business enabling your operation to deliver customer-winning service at the lowest possible operating cost.

- Performance Management
is designed to meet the unique needs of front line service operations. By delivering personalized performance data to every employee in the organization while automating critical managerial activities, the solution helps organization to increase accountability and establish a culture of continuous improvement essential to reaching business goals.

- Real-Time Impact
helps impact customer interactions in real-time through next-best-action agent guidance, process automation and cross-sell and up-sell recommendations. Agents can deliver more efficient customer service, improve customer retention and convert service calls into sales opportunities. The offering is comprised of the following:
Real-Time Process Optimization
Real-Time Activity Monitoring
Real-Time Virtual Agent

- Customer Feedback
is the leading solution for Real-Time Customer Feedback and Customer Experience Management resulting in increased customer loyalty and employee performance. The award winning solution helps companies collect, analyze and act in real-time to their customers’ comments and issues. NICE Fizzback enables businesses to derive true economic benefits by increasing revenues through customer lifetime value and positive word-of-mouth

- Video Analytics
With proprietary, field-proven algorithms and a holistic approach to design, deployment and service, NICE delivers video analytics that can transform your security organization from reactive monitoring to proactive prevention. NICE has extensive experience in deploying video analytics in some of the world’s highest-security settings. Maximize the insights your video surveillance can deliver with NICE Systems.
- Incident Debriefing & Investigation
Modern emergency centers and public safety organizations need to deal with a variety of incoming information sources, unlike in the past where there were just voice calls. Soon Next Generation emergency centers will become a reality where any person can send text messages, pictures, video clips and make other type of multimedia emergency calls. NICE Inform helps emergency centers manage multimedia incident information efficiently and effectively. It captures all available data, providing all the facts as they unfold and increasing the chances that all vital evidence is available to review.

- Situation Management
Situation Management is a holistic solution approach that analyzes, correlates and coordinates the interaction between people, technologies, and responses. By integrating and correlating information from multiple and diverse systems across the enterprise, and coordinating the response actions, Situation Management ensures that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening and what to do.
With NICE Situation Management software solution, you can reduce the risk of human error, improve security response, protect existing security investments and reduce operating costs by converging all of your security cameras, sensors and devices, communication systems, data sources and operating procedures into a single unified platform.
NICE Situation Management unifies all security operations for complete situational awareness, and provides automated tools that enable a consistent, appropriate response across all your facilities and locations.

e-Insight’s aim is to remain at the forefront of technological developments, offering solutions that meet the ever changing needs of companies engaged in the business of customer service in the financial industry and the wider enterprise sector.
This is achieved:
a. With its timeless collaboration with companies that are world leaders in their market
b. With the continuous training of its staff, which ensures high expertise and continuous improvement of offered services.
Customers and partners in Greece and abroad trust our corporate values and the quality of our solutions and services.