Back Office Workforce Optimization

Back Office Workforce Optimization

Back office departments are not typically associated with customer service. Yet, these back office workers have the ability to impact the customer experience. When back office worker do their job well, customer expectations are met, and sometimes exceeded. However, when errors are made, processing guidelines aren’t followed or backlogs mount, front office volumes rise, operational costs increase and customer dissatisfaction ensues.

NICE Back Office Suite extends front office operational efficiency into back office environments. It automates manual processes, integrates data from employees’ desktops, improves forecast accuracy, enables managers to view and manage resource capacity, and empowers employees to improve their performance. It also provides tools to ensure regulatory compliance, and ultimately, elevate the level of service customers receive across the entire enterprise.

Back Office Workforce Management

Automate manual tasks, increase forecast accuracy and enhance resource management effectiveness

Back Office Desktop Process Management

Accurately forecast resource needs, increase employee and operational performance, and ensure internal and regulatory compliance

Back Office Performance Management

Provide employees visibility into daily results versus objectives and insight into specific areas needing focus

Back Office Quality Management

Elevate operational efficiency, and reduce costs in a way manual quality monitoring can’t match

Back Office Work Inventory Management

Manage back office work loads, avoid understaffing and overstaffing, and meet SLAs