Sales & Retention

Sales & Retention

As more and more consumers opt-out of outbound marketing, organizations must maximize the effectiveness of their inbound marketing activities across all channels. With millions of customers calling or coming in every day, contact centers and branch locations are now businesses’ best hope for generating new revenue from existing customers. The interactions they handle are golden opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell products and services, collect debts, and retain high-value customers.


NICE Sales and Retention solutions enable organizations to identify and leverage sales opportunities in real time, at the decisive moment of the interaction, and increase sales performance within the organization. It further uses insights into customers’ cross-channel journey and profile to identify potential churn and act upon it in real time.

Sales Performance Management

Analyze how teams are performing and take action to drive sales effectiveness

Customer Retention

Find the main drivers of customer dissatisfaction and identify customers at high risk of going to competitors

Incentive Compensation Management

Automate the process of commission, bonus, and incentive administration to support any type of variable pay strategy


Increase up-sell and cross-sell performance and help agents spot— and close— opportunities in real time

Collections Effectiveness

Identify and promote best practices to improve debt collection and boost revenues

Mobile Customer Service

Create mobile customer experience that is as smart as your customers’ mobile devices