Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization


Contact centers are continually challenged to do more with less—keep labor costs in check and improve efficiency across all levels of operations. NICE Workforce Optimization Suite enables organizations to measure, manage and motivate frontline employees to ensure best performance during customer interactions, while maintaining optimized use of resources.

NICE Workforce Optimization is comprised of tightly integrated solutions, enabling organizations to improve agent productivity, identify performance gaps, deliver targeted coaching, and effectively forecast workloads and schedule staff. It fosters performance-driven operations, leverages the power of advanced analytics, and embeds the Voice of the Customer into daily operations.

Performance Management

Turn service operations into high performance, data-driven organizations

Workforce Management

Advanced forecasting and scheduling capabilities with built-in multi-skill and multi-site capabilities

Handle Time Optimization

Understand how time can be saved during customer interactions without sacrificing desired outcomes

Interaction Analytics

Analysis of interactions across multiple contact channels using speech, email, chat, desktop and call flow analytics

Quality Management

Manage and improve quality of service at the agent level and align contact center and business strategy

Real-Time Guidance & Automation

Next-best-action recommendations to agents in real time during phone or chat interactions with customers

Call Center Recording

Capture call center calls for regulatory compliance, or record a random sampling of calls for quality management

Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement by enabling personalized performance goals, targeted coaching and effective rewards

Mobile Workforce Optimization

Empowers frontline managers and employees with the tools to connect on the go

Performance Coaching

Drive targeted coaching to improve agent performance