Retail Banking

Retail Banking

  Ensuring Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime Prevention and Process Efficiency

Large volumes of transactions, increased criminal sophistication, global regulations and tight budgets have made cost-effective, cross-channel risk management a priority for retail banks. NICE and Actimize Retail Banking Solutions readily address these evolving demands so retail banks can:


Reduce financial crime losses and compliance exposure

Thwart savvy criminals at the Decisive Moment™ with a holistic view of activity across channels, account and transaction types. Improve adherence to global regulatory requirements with end-to-end capabilities to detect and manage potentially non-complaint activities.


Lower operational costs

Minimize implementation, training, maintenance and support costs with a single risk management platform. Lower IT costs with seamless data integration that unifies disparate legacy silos.


Improve dispute resolution

Streamline dispute resolution by leveraging recorded interactions and creating an efficient playback approval workflow. Document customer calls by recording, listening to and archiving them to better understand the nature of the conflicts, reduce the risk of reputation damage, and decrease the risk of data loss. Employ audio analysis to facilitate advanced search capabilities on captured voice interactions.


Simplify branch network deployment

Deploy compliance recording in just a few hours. Enable IT administrators to efficiently manage multiple systems from a central location.