Trading Floors

Trading Floors

  Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management and Process Efficiency in Demanding Trading Floor Environments


Today’s strict regulatory environment has profound effects on the systems and processes that power the trading floor. To meet the growing compliance challenges, NICE and Actimize Trading Floor Regulatory Compliance Solutions enable you to:


Ensure regulatory compliance across the globe

Comply with regulations, initiatives and policies across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. As an example, NICE solutions enable financial firms to adhere to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) requirement for mobile call recording and storage. Leverage proven detection models designed in collaboration with industry experts, leading multi-channel recording, and workflow processes.


Improve business-process efficiency

Enable investigators to focus on the highest risk activities. Reduce false positives, automate supervision and surveillance, and streamline oversight and controls with centralized risk case management and comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities.


Minimize total cost of ownership (TCO)

Rapidly deploy Trading Floor Regulatory Compliance Solutions with built-in connectors and best-practice implementation methodology. Achieve low TCO through their centralized capabilities.