Contact Center Performance Management

Contact Center Performance Management

Leverage Performance Data to Drive Agent Performance


For service organizations to increaseagent performance while also protecting customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is essential to focus on business execution. To ensure successful execution, contact center performance management marries performance data with business improvement processes, providing valuable tools for continuously analyzing how teams are performing against goals as well as executing purposeful coaching to adjust and realign when necessary.


NICE Performance Management is designed to meet the unique needs of front line service operations. By delivering personalized performance data to every employee in the organization while automating critical managerial activities, the solution helps organization to increase accountability and establish a culture of continuous improvement essential to reaching business goals.

The NICE Performance Management solution has at its core these best-in-class functionalities:

a. Robust data management to aggregate performance data from disparate systems without needing the help of IT

b. Analytics of multiple sources, including contact analyticsand interaction analytics

c. Automated alerts to notify supervisors and managers of emerging issues and drive improvement

d. Incentive management to manage dynamic variable pays for employees

e. Employee development to optimize the existing service team through performance-based segmentation and coaching

f. Best practice library

g. Intraday reporting