Customer Feedback (NICE Fizzback)

Customer Feedback (NICE Fizzback)

Feedback on the Fly


Companies rely on customer feedback to understand how well they meet customers’ expectations. But often, the feedback data they collect is too dated, too fuzzy or from too small sample to effect change. Using feedback most effectively requires meaningful, timely information that spans all touch points, and that’s clear enough to be acted upon.


NICE Fizzback delivers real-time customer feedback, enabling organizations to gain powerful insight into the real voice of the customer, promptly act on customers’ comments and issues at the decisive moment, and drive enhancements and corrective actions to continuously improve future interactions.


NICE Fizzback features:


a. Event-driven, conversation-based feedback.


b. Feedback gathered immediately following interactions at any touch point, including retail stores, branches, online and call centers


c. Feedback collected via multiple channels, including text messages, email, web, social media, IVR, mobile apps and forms


d. Fast, accurate feedback translation using Natural Language Processing (NLP)


e. End-to-end solution delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) model


f Out-of-the-box integrations to quality management, interaction analytics and agent-guidance processes