Interaction Recording

The Most Comprehensive Solution for Capturing Customer Interactions

NICE Interaction Management delivers the most comprehensive contact center recording capabilities, providing organizations operational flexibility and system resiliency while maintaining low total cost of ownership. It enables organizations to record interactions and then generate valuable business insight through interaction analytics and call center quality monitoring solutions.

 NICE Interaction Management offers reliable and resilient call recording, providing the ability to capture, store and maintain customer interactions such as telephone, chat and email conversations in the form of voice, text and screen activity. Additional capabilities include:

  • Support for VoIP, TDM and hybrid telephony environments

  • Flexible recording rules and call archiving?

  • Scalable architecture to easily adapt to growing call recording capacity needs

  • Comprehensive redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure business continuity

  • Transparent access to interaction recordings from any location

  • Data security through end-to-end media encryption, authentication and server hardening

  • Support for server and client virtualization