Mobile Customer Service

Mobile Customer Service


Mobile customer care that is as smart as consumer devices

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming popular amongst customers, not just for communication with friends and family but for interacting with service providers.  Enterprises, on the other hand, are eager to leverage this new technology and engage their customers with self-service on-the-go, including via mobile apps. However, as much as those apps are great self-service alternatives, they fall short when customer intent cannot be fulfilled by self-service. At best, the app will dial the IVR’s toll-free number, but the customer will have to start from scratch by navigating through the IVR menus and describing to the agent from the beginning the intent and actions preceding the call.



NICE Mobile Reach enables enterprises to create a winning customer experience via mobile devices that is comprehensive and continuous across channels.  This “hybrid service” bridges their mobile self-service offering on smart devices with the contact centers in a seamless, automatic and personalized manner.


NICE Mobile Reach enables a distinctive customer experience by leveraging the following key capabilities:

  • Real-Time Intent Detection through continuous analysis
  • Proactive Triggering, based on intelligent real-time decisioning
  • Personalized Channel Recommendation
  • IVR Bypass, connecting customers directly with the right agents
  • Context Transfer from the customer’s device to the agent’s desktop
  • In-call Multimodal Collaboration, such as textual chat, picture sharing and file exchange
  • Feedback Collection as a natural step of the mobile service flow