Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Multi-site, Multi-skill and Multi-channel Workforce Management System to deliver Accurate Call Center Forecasting


NICE IEX Workforce Management system delivers advanced, configurable call center forecasting and scheduling through:


- Supports virtually any scheduling methodology, allowing managers to select the approach that works best in their call center environment.


- Makes it easy to centrally forecast, schedule and manage multiple locations to ensure site- and enterprise-level objectives are met and the customer experience is consistent.


- Bases scheduling on call centers' actual date-specific site- and network-routing rules as well as individual agent skill levels and availability. Using simulation, the system calculates multi-skill efficiency percentages for each contact type and individual skill-usage estimates for each agent, resulting in greater call center forecasting accuracy, scheduling efficiency and visibility into projected coverage.


- Enables managers to monitor and proactively respond to changing call center conditions. Drag-and-drop icon-based schedule modification simplifies managing changes to agent schedules that occur throughout the day. Saved changes are instantly posted system-wide, ensuring all users have an accurate view of schedules and projected service levels.


- Captures real-time data from automatic call distributors, predictive dialers, multimedia routers and agent desktops to track and remedy schedule adherence issues.