Proactive Security, Situation Management and IP-Based Surveillance

Airports have evolved beyond simple transportation hubs. Today, they are commercial centers comprised of service businesses, suppliers and retailers. Without taking the focus off primary security concerns— hijacking and terrorism— airports need their surveillance systems to help them improve the operational efficiency of a complex environment. With NICE, the sky’s the limit for making your airport a safe, smooth-running place for travelers and workers alike.

NICE helps airport security personnel identify questionable activities on the spot, eliminating or mitigating their potential for damage with complete situational awareness and management. Suspicious, unattended baggage is quickly identified as are the formation of crowds in restricted areas. It also protects your perimeter, alerting your personnel to any intruder attempting to access unauthorized movement on runways, in hangars or other restricted areas.

NICE Security Solutions for Airports also:

  • Provide real-time alerts of suspicious events and pinpoints location and detail

  • Enable instantaneous determination of an event’s actual scope by viewing real-time and recorded video

  • Provide situation planning, response and analysis for effective event management that eliminates human error

  • Capture and record all radio transmissions