Don’t Take a Chance on Casino Security


The gaming industry's unique 24/7 environment requires security solutions that are not only top-class, but also field proven. NICE Gaming Solutions are specifically designed to help casinos optimize their security environment. Providing a complete range of casino surveillance and security products, applications and services, NICE Gaming Solutions mitigate the potential for loss by proactively identifying harmful activity while enhancing operational efficiency.


NICE Gaming Solutions span the complete range of casino surveillance and security applications and services including multimedia capture, analysis, reporting and evidence disclosure. Together, they provide the tools casinos need to combat the unnecessary losses posed by criminal behavior.


Proactively monitor your operations with an effective front-line defense featuring leading-edge video surveillance technology tailored specifically for gaming environments. NICE's open architecture allows you to integrate your third-party devices, unifying them into a single platform to give you a 360° picture. Its Zero-Points-of-Failure solution ensures non-stop video recording— an absolute necessity for round-the-clock operations.


NICE Gaming Solutions also provide you with a smooth and cost-effective migration path from analog to IP, in addition to offering massive storage options. More than 180 casinos worldwide rely on NICE to maintain game integrity, settle disputes effectively and ensure business continuity with the help of highly reliable and field-proven gaming solutions.