Intelligence Organizations

Intelligence Organizations

Mass Communication Interception and Analysis Solutions for Intelligence Organizations

NICE provides intelligence organizations and national security agencies with advanced mass and target solutions for communication interception, collection, processing and analysis. NiceTrack’s innovative technology supports mass interception that enhances target 360° monitoring and exposes new suspects. Mass interception solutions help intelligence organizations create a broad intelligence perspective.

NiceTrack mass interception solutions ensure that intelligence organizations and national security agencies remain up-to-date with technology developments to support the full intelligence cycle.

The solutions retrieve target location, relations and conversation content from any type of communication including telephony, IP and satellite, resulting in a multi-dimensional intelligence picture.

NiceTrack’s work environment maximizes the efficiency of the intelligence process with a full suite of operational tools and applications to ensure that critical information is delivered to decision-makers on time.

NiceTrack offers a comprehensive product line to fully support intelligence and security agency’s work environments handling communication interception and target monitoring:

  • Mass Detection Center

  • Monitoring Center

  • Location Tracking Center

  • Traffic Analysis Center

  • Pattern Analyzer

  • Satellite Interception

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)