Public Safety

Public Safety


When the Public Counts on You, You Can Count on NICE

There’s no higher calling than public safety, and your emergency communications or command and control center play a critical role. Whether handling emergency calls or managing security operations, your organization forms the front line of public protection. With so much depending on you, you need public safety and security solutions you can count on. You need real-time information and intelligence to improve situational awareness and speed response. You need 360-degree insight before, during and after the fact. Best-of-breed solutions from NICE deliver all this and more.

NICE offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of public safety and security solutions with best-of-breed capabilities such as:

  • Call Recording/Logging:Proven, scalable, reliable, recording solutions for conventional telephony, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and trunk radio; rock-solid partnerships with leading public safety companies ensure seamless integration in any environment

  • NICE Inform: Next-generation technology for managing multimedia incident information; fuses incident information silos into a synchronous view

  • IP Video Surveillance/Analytics: Combines real-time video analysis with IP networking, recording and management for threat detection and verification, and event investigation and resolution

  • NICE Situator: Provides situation planning, management, response and analysis for security, safety and emergency markets eliminating the risk of human error and the potential loss it can cause

  • Intelligence/Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA): Comprehensive, end-to-end intelligence solutions for intelligence operations and LEA

  • SafeCity Security Solution: Multi-layered security and surveillance management for comprehensive city safety

  • Service and Customer Support: Complete lifecycle support for every phase of NICE deployments

  • Quality Assurance: NICE Perform provides quality management solution helping supervisors, QA managers and trainers identify call taker and dispatcher knowledge gaps through fair and consistent evaluation and provide easy way to deliver coaching