Public Transport

Public Transport

Advanced Security and Surveillance, and Situation Management for Mass Transit


NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation are designed to meet the dynamic needs of the mass transit environment. Combining powerful tools and technology with advanced IP-based video surveillance at its core, NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation secure your entire infrastructure and every stop along the way.


NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation take a proactive, systematic approach to identifying, responding to and resolving situations. A completely unified and integrated platform alerts security personnel to events as they unfold, and comprehensive situation management enables them to immediately and effectively action adaptive pre-planned responses while transmitting incident information to all relevant stakeholders and responders. They also also aggregate event data into a centralized incident folder, enabling informed investigations and effective prosecution. 


NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation:


  • Cover all public transport facilities and rolling stock
  • Provide situation planning, response and analysis for effective event management that eliminates human error
  • Integrate with and protect investments in all existing systems, including analog technologies, with its open architecture design
  • Ensure 24x7 reliability
  • Withstand the movement of public transportation vehicles under even the harshest environmental conditions
  • Scale for future growth