Securing Seaports and Protecting Their Cargo with Complete Situation Management


Ensuring the secure transport of valuable cargo from theft, damage and loss in your seaport requires the ability to identify and verify potential unfolding events as they happen, or even before. Proactive, comprehensive NICE security and surveillance solutions can help. They protect seaports with automatic and semi-automatic tools and complete situation management via NICE Situator to assist in the detection, verification and resolution of security events in real time.


NICE consolidates, filters and verifies captured information with advanced security technologies to deliver the right information to the right people at just the right time. NICE’s field-proven video analytics enhances your security operations by automatically detecting encroachment or other divergent behavior or incidents while instant verification capabilities enable you to respond appropriately in real time. NICE not only provides a 360° view of unfolding events, it also activates pre-planned response workflows that work to eliminate human error and ensure the most effective response— no matter who is in the control room. 


NICE Security Solutions for Seaports capabilities:


  • Ensure non-stop surveillance that reaches everywhere you need it
  • Provide situation planning, response and analysis for effective event management that eliminates human error
  • Accelerate investigations with ultra-efficient access to recorded incident video, audio and data
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party devices, sensors and access control systems
  • Cope with challenging outdoor conditions and changes in environment