Maintenance & Support Services

Maintenance & Support Services

E-INSIGHT provides full technical support services for its installed systems. Support Services can be provided on a working days/hours basis or on a 24/7 basis, depending on the customer needs.
Technical support includes both corrective and preventative maintenance.


Corrective Maintenance

E-INSIGHT’s technical personnel take all actions to restore a failed system to operational status. This may involve replacing or repairing a component that is responsible for the failure of the overall system, or software issues resolution. Corrective maintenance is carried out in three steps :

  • Diagnosis of the problem

E-INSIGHT’s maintenance technician locates the failed part or otherwise assesses the cause of the system failure.

  • Repair and/or replacement of faulty component(s).

Once the cause of system failure has been determined, action is taken to address the cause, usually by replacing or repairing the components that caused the system to fail.

  • Verification of the repair action.

Once the components in question have been repaired or replaced, the maintenance technician verifies that the system is again successfully operating.

Preventative Maintenance

If your solution has been operational for six months or more, E-INSIGHT can perform a Technical Health Check that can provide valuable insights into the performance of your solution.